power of attorney


In 2005 the Mental Capacity Act introduced Lasting Power of Attorney as a replacement to Enduring Powers of Attorney as a means to appoint a person of your own choosing to administer your affairs in the event of mental incapacity. Please remember that mental incapacity can affect not only the elderly, premature dementia or an accident can have the same effect.

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document which gives you greater control over what happens to you in life. If you have an accident, become injured, start to suffer from memory issues, or lose cerebral capacity, you could have a person appointed in a position of trust, to act on your behalf, and make important decisions about your financial or personal welfare.

At Westgate Solicitors we specialise in Lasting Powers of Attorney. Our expert legal team of solicitors can advise you and assist you in appointing the appropriate person to act as your voice. There are different types of Power of Attorneys.

Property and Affairs LPA

This is a document allowing a person who has the mental capacity to do so to choose a person who he or she trusts to act on their behalf in connection with their property or finances. This might include paying bills and continuing to act on their behalf at a point in the future when they may lack the mental capacity to do so for themselves.

Personal Welfare LPA

This document allows a person to appoint another individual that they trust to make decisions about their welfare when they themselves are incapacitated, perhaps because they are unconscious.

General Power of Attorney – (overseas use)

We also provide the service of drafting Power of Attorney for overseas use. It may be that you wish to sell a property/land abroad and are unable to go abroad to act in person during the sale of your land/property.

We work with the embassies of the country you intend to use the document. The foreign embassy will usually certify the document and thereafter the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) will seal the document with their approval for it to be used overseas.

Talk to us about your future plans. We offer a 30 minute consultation free of charge. If you instruct us as your Power of Attorney solicitors, we only charge a fee for the work we complete, pre-agreed with you in advance. Call us on 0207 001 1115 or email us at info@westgatesolicitors.co.uk.