Landlord & Tenant

At Westgate Solicitors we pride ourselves in dealing with landlord and tenant matters. We have years of experience in advising landlords with the following:-

  • Drafting tenancy agreements
  • Complying with tenancy deposit scheme requirements
  • Taking the right action regarding tenants who are in rent arrears or in breach of their tenancy agreement
  • Disrepair issues including defending landlords in County Court claims for disrepair brought by tenants
  • Evicting Squatters
  • Ending a tenancy and recovering possession of the property

Our team of lawyers will act swiftly to ensure your tenant(s) are evicted quickly in order to minimise your loss of rent and other associated losses.

We offer a fixed fee service in many instances. For a Section 21 eviction claim, our fixed fee service is as follows:-

Fixed Fees – eviction of tenants (Section 21 claim*)

 Stage 1 - Serve the right notice to the tenant - £125.00

Stage 2 - Court procedure - £695.00

Stage 3 – Eviction (instructing bailiffs) - £150.00

*the above fixed fee is for an undefended section 21 claim. Terms and conditions apply.

Fixed Fees – Drafting an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement

Although some landlords choose to purchase a standard tenancy agreement from a high street store or a use an online company, we provide the service of drafting an upto date tenancy agreement for our landlord clients. Our team of lawyers will ensure your tenancy agreement is upto date and complies with the latest legislation in England & Wales.

Should you need to evict a tenant in the future, having a correct and upto date tenancy agreement will save you thousands of pounds by making the evictions process a whole lot smoother and quicker.

We charge a fixed fee of £95.00 for drafting an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. 

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