We understand that disputes (whether it be personal or business related) must be handled quickly and effectively to avoid becoming a drain on your personal life or the management and time resources of a business.

Our team can provide practical and specialist advice with the aim of resolving your dispute quickly and cost effectively. There are various ways in which a civil dispute can be resolved, and this can often be without commencing the litigation process. 

Mediation and Arbitration

The cost of litigation can be far more than purely financial. You risk your reputation, relationships with business partners or neighbours can be compromised, and there's still no guarantee that you'll win damages of any kind. Westgate Solicitors can help diffuse the situation by mediating or arbitrating between you and the litigant, resolving the dispute before it ends up in Court and the public domain.

We provide advice in connection with many types of disputes including:-

  • Breach of contract
  • Contractual disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Building disputes
  • Partnership and shareholders disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Landlord and tenant issues
  • Disputes concerning probate and inheritance
  • Co-habitee
  • Property disputes
  • Debt recovery (see below) 

Debt Recovery

We approach debt recovery as an integral part of our clients’ credit control procedures, providing a service that is efficient, cost effective and tailored to our clients’ particular needs.

We offer a complete range of debt recovery services including:-

  • Letters Before Action
  • Advice and guidance on the methods of recovery and enforcement
  • Automated debt recovery system
  • Recovery proceedings
  • Enforcement - winding up, bankruptcy proceedings, instructing bailiffs and asset freezing 

Fixed Fees
In some cases we may offer an initial appointment at a fixed fee at which we can provide you with preliminary advice and outline the options open to you. There is no obligation to take the matter further.

Talk to us about your all your litigation and dispute related matters. To book a consultation, please call us on 0207 001 1115 or email us at info@westgatesolicitors.co.uk.